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FIT System ('05-'14)

'05-'14 Mustang FIT System Chassis Stiffening
'05-'14 Mustang FIT System Chassis Stiffening'05-'14 Mustang FIT System Chassis Stiffening
Price: $294.00
Item Number: FIT-M03
Step Up to Stifflers FIT System and Stay in Shape...

Twisting, bending, twisting, bending......unlike a human, this is NOT the way a car stays in shape! Even everyday driving puts your car through a workout of twists and bends. Installing Stifflers FIT System integrates the front and rear subframe and ties them into the rocker panel, forming a triangulated web of strength and stiffness. The end result is your car keeps its' shape, improving your handling, launches, ride quality and more.

Will not work with side exit exhaust systems.

-     Allows suspension to work as designed, giving overall improved ride quality, handling and increased range of suspension tuning.
-     Integrates with lower torque box adding extra strength to control arm mounts

-     Transfers more power to the ground, not wasting it twisting and bending the chassis

-     Launches straighter

-     Stiffer chassis reduces or eliminates interior rattles and extends life of vehicle.

-     Weld locations free of powder coat, NO removal of powder coat required before installation for significant time savings.
-     Can be used with factory convertible braces with slight modification. (see Install below)

-     Non-intrusive, no floors to cut, interior to remove or lines to relocate

-     Tube ends are sealed to keep out moisture.

-     Ground clearance remains unchanged

-     Increases side impact safety


FIT-M03 - Install Video

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Amazing product! Amazing people! Unbelievable Improvement!
Eric Stouder (Huntington, IN.) 5/17/2014 5:19 PM
Ok, this may take all 2000 characters. I had arranged to have FIT system installed at the shop. Due to Indianapolis traffic, I was 45 min late. Brian and Mike were very understanding and gracious hosts. Brian (developer) and Mike (fabricator) were very kind hosts who took the time to compliment my Mustang and introduce themselves and talk cars before beginning the install of the FIT system. My wife was with me and they took the time to explain to my wife and I the process and show us the product they would be installing on my 2011 Mustang GT convertible. Brian and Mike took the time to update us and show us how the work was progressing through EVERY step of the install and gave us the opportunity to ask questions. I am being totally honest when I say they reminded me of some guys that I have known my entire life and I had only met them 20 min previously! After the install, Brian took pics of his work and allowed me to take a few pics of my own! Brian and Mike have guaranteed they get my future business without having to take as much time with me next time. Now for the actual product review! Brian told me I would notice the difference leaving the shop and driving down the street and he was correct. My Mustang went from feeling like it twisted then launched to just squatting and launching! My wife even said she immediately noticed the difference! The real eye opener was the next morning after staying in a local hotel, because of our previous late evening. When we turned on the I70 onramp, I didnt know what to expect with the new bracing and how it would affect handling. I can only say "WOW!" I could actually feel the suspension working instead of the body twisting going over raod imperfections and when turning on on ramps, I was able to change my line mid corner with a feeling of control I haven't felt before! The FIT system literally turned my car into the handling machine I wanted! Many thanks to Brian and Mike for everything!
excellent fit
Brian (California) 11/25/2011 2:00 PM
This item fit perfectly and made our Roush feel more solid and eliminated most of the interior rattles. great product!
Best bang for your buck !
Justin Small (Indianapolis) 7/23/2011 10:05 AM
Could not be happier with this kit. The craftmanship is top notch and installation was very fast and clean at a very fair price. Handling is much more responsive and car is tighter overall. This kit is truly the best bang for your buck hands down!!!!!!! A+++++++


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